Thursday, April 08, 2004

Really, It is so easy to ignore reality until it actually come up to you and bit you on your nose. People love to do something that's routine, try to play safe all the time. And for that, they always ignore the changes that are happening outside their comfort zone. Remember, the two characters in the book 'Who moved my cheese?'. Hem and Haw. They refused to believe that their cheese had gone. They keep going back, hoping someday, somehow they will find back their missing cheese, and this missing cheese will suddenly appear again. But in the end, it is a matter of making the decision, to stay or to just move on.

What would you do? To find new cheese or to go on hoping that the old cheese is still there for you.

People love to do something that's routine. That's normal.

Hem and Haw, go find yourself a new cheese.