Thursday, May 13, 2004

In one email, forwarded by my friend, the author asks us on which one to sacrifice if we have the power to control the said situation.

The train came and there is two tracks. One still in use while the other disused. Only one child played on the disused track, the rest were on the operational track. Okay, now would you rather change the course of the train to diused track and save most of the kids or just let it be.

Me, I’m sure gonna let the train go it’s way. I’m not gonna sacrifice the life of this smart boy who opt to play in the disused railway track just because of the ignorance of his other friends. Okay, he’s not that smart anyway, though it’s disused, he should know that the operator can change the tracks anytime they like. What was his thinking? But still, he’s much smarter that his friends.

And yes, I also believe that the children playing in operational track should know when and how to run away when they heard the train’s sirens. I’m sure they are not dumb enough to just sit there when they saw the train’s approaching. Divert the train and I’m sure this one boy will get killed.

To him, he’s safe all right.

To him, there’s no way this train can come over to his track.

To him, he’s playing by the rule.

To me, he’s already dead (Though I won't change the track of that train, I'm sure I won't be there all the time. The next time, with different people controlling the tracks, bye bye boy).

You, rest in peace.

Think of me the next time you are thinking of playing on the railway tracks.


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