Friday, June 11, 2004

1. I'm worried sick about my sister's operation next Thursday.
2. Can't wait to go to Langkawi tonight, with my wife.
3. Had a family dinner in Muara Ikan Bakar, North Port yesterday.
4. On my sister. She insisted to pay.
5. My wife and me is going strong every day. Dear, I love you.
6. I think I want to go home early today. Sorry Boss.
7. My biggest crush, Tia Carrera.
8. She's fit, intelligent and sexy.
9. What it's all about with women complaining about their weight.
10.I found women with a little bit fat in their tummy, sexy.
11.My wife always complaining about her weight.
12.To me she looks great.
13.Worried about my sister's condition.
14.I know I'll be millionaire before I retired. Haha. Wishful thinking.


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