Monday, June 07, 2004

Had a great weekend in Pahang. Went to Cherating on Saturday and off to Rimba Rekreasi Bukit Bertangga (Bera) on Sunday. The journey itself takes me around 6 hours. The beach was quite okay, but the preference is still with Tioman. The jungle tracking to Bukit Bertangga was quite challenging. Okay, okay. It’s not that challenging (the trail that is). But with bags and foods that weigh more than 20 kilos on your hands, anything is challenging.

Untouched waterfall as a reward, it’s really worth it.

It's very relaxing to be inside the water after one taxing journey.

(Insert applause, sirens and lots of cheering here. The hero needs some encouragement. Carrying 20 kilos on that trail was not easy.)


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