Saturday, June 26, 2004

Have you guys heard about flickr?

I’m gonna use this page as an avenue for me to post all my flickr pictures. Viewing will be much easier this way. Hoping that you guys will enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Touching the skiesHope of lifeEyes to eyesPart of herIt's gonna rainIta's WeddingMother and sonPoring Hot SpringMy sonSpace - Part 2Sunset in PDI, ScreamSunset in DubaiRaya's pictureTaken while he was sleepingBaby in B&WSwimming PoolCamel in DubaiFamily picture - ManjungAriq - my nephewMother and son - SleepingMerdeka!Dubai's desertBaby tries to concentrateRaya's pictureMy everythingFirdaus with his mommyBaby in black and whiteNight shotCandidTaking a bathMy EverythingSwimming PoolWhile waiting for foodThe eyeMerry ChristmasMerry ChristmasSafiah's WeddingFirdausBarber's visitOverexposed ...SiblingsFamily picture

Click on the thumbnail to view larger image. Cheers!