Thursday, July 08, 2004

'Darren Kang, who is on summer break from Sheffield University in Britain, died after at least 15 youths attacked him after an argument at a restaurant. The attack arose as a result of Kang chiding the youths for jeering at his fiancee' TheSun July 8, 2004

What will I do if I'm in Darren shoes? As I grew older, I will just walk away when and if the situation arises. I think that there's no point for me to play along with their act. Let them with their own world.

But (OK, I know we can't start the sentence with 'but'), there is one time (IOI Mall, few years ago) my sis was being teased by a group of not-that-cool-but-they-think-they-are-the-coolest-kids on our way out from the shopping complex and I just lost my cool. I shouted mean words to this group of kids. Luckily, they just walked away and nothing bad happened.

Looking back, I know I can't defend myself in that situation. Hey, I’m just a kid.

To Darren, rest in peace.

Brain Teaser
How may times I used the word cool?


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