Thursday, July 01, 2004

Dear DPM,

Yes I know it's quite ambitious to be an astronaut. But, this is what I want. I always want to go to outer space and discover what's in there. It's my ambition since primary school. And, I can say that it's still my ambition. After finishing my degree, I plan to take up pilot classes with Malaysia Air Force. Unfortunately, my mother is not into that idea. I know, by being fighter pilot, my chances to participate in Outer space Programs will be much greater. Yup, they said anybody can apply for that job. Yup, you once said that we don't have to be scientist or to be in an army to apply. But deep down, I know that this 'army guys' will always have a better chance compare to me.

Now I hate those pilots.

Enough said. Please consider my application.



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