Wednesday, July 14, 2004

For once, I didn’t think that Sen. Kerry would ever pick someone who was that much more credible and charismatic than him to be his Vice-presidential candidate. I was dead wrong. You really surprised me man. It is Sen. Edwards name that’s being announced to run side by side with him on his US presidential campaign. To me, this move will sure boost Democratic chances in coming US election (mind you, Edwards does bring immense charm and charisma to the camp, and we know that personality does matter). Bravo to Kerry for picking up the best VP candidate even at the risk of being outshone by Edwards.

It's undeniable that Edwards has charisma and magnetism in spades. I'm curious how many Democrats will regrets voting for Kerry in the primaries over Edwards. I personally like Edwards.

On different note, my deep condolences to late Tan Sri Azizan’s family. He passed away last night due to heart problem. I can say that, it’s a big lost to our company (we lost our dearest chairman) and to Malaysia in a whole. Alfatihah.


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