Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Okay. This is getting ridiculous. I really don’t like telemarketers. And, for the past one month, my wife’s getting a lot of calls from ASTRO telemarketers. Not one, not two, but four ASTRO staff try to seduce my wife into subscribing their TV channels. Come on. You should have a database. What’s the point to call again and again when my wife’s already mentioned clearly that she’s not interested?

The conversation below is purely fictional.

Telemarketer: Hello, may I speak with Pn. Azwin?
My lovely wife, Azwin: Speaking. Who's this? (Oh God, he got great voice.)
Telemarketer: I'm Amir (I’m not using a real name here) from Astro. You're one lucky chick, we’ve decided to give you free Astro’s. You only need to pay installation charges and monthly bills. Walla, it’s yours. You interested?
Azwin: Really. Am I that lucky? You are the fourth person who called me this month. That’s scary dude. Btw, I'm not interested. You see, I'm rarely at home.(I wonder from where he got my name, Oh God, what a great voice he had.)
Telemarketer: But why? It's too good to be missed. Everybody loves free stuffs. I think that includes you Puan.
Azwin: Okay, okay. I love free stuffs. You got me there. But I'm not interested.
Telemarketer: You think about this first huh. I'll give you another call tomorrow. We've got "Akademi Fantasia".
Azwin: Thanks but no thanks. I'm not that interested.
Telemarketer: What a waste. We provide great movies and TV series. We've got "Akademi Fantasia". Everybody watched that shows.
Azwin: *sigh*. Amir, I'm quite busy at the moment. Thanks anyway. Bye.(What a waste, he got great voice. I hope he call me back tomorrow.)

We are hardly at home. For the time being, there's no need for us to subscribe.

And you even dare mentioning Akademi Fantasia (I like Linda though) over and over again. Come on man, you can do better than that.

Better luck next time okay.


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