Thursday, July 29, 2004

Two of my good friends will get married to each other this Saturday. Dib and Ida, congrats to both of you. Wish you all the happiness in life. Marriage is a sacred thing; cherish it for your whole life. Bro, just ring me up if there’s anything that needs my attention and help. I’m more than happy to help you both.

The following day, 1 Aug 2004 is my first wedding anniversary. Alhamdullillah. Thank God for all his blessings. Time really flies. Still thinking on what to buy for her present. I’m really not that good when buying things. Yeah, I know, the thought counts, but still.

I want that day to be the best day of her life. Any idea? Currently I’m thinking of buying her jewelry. Bracelet perhaps.

Why I think it’s still not good enough?