Monday, July 05, 2004

Watched Malaysian Idol last Sunday. That girl is really rude. Can't believe that this type of attitude still exists in our community. She, in the first place chooses to go through this audition all over again (Mind you, she's already attending the audition held in JB). She should be ready to hear the comments from the jury. How can you have this ambition to be a singer and yet not ready to receive any crude remarks?

And, there is one guy who acted like a gangster. Who do he think he is? A Mafia is it? If I'm one of the jury I'm sure gonna smack this guy there and then. Please have respect to other people if you expect to get the same treatments from them. You can't go far with this kind of attitude.

This is really a small issue, and by acting like that, it shows how immature you are.

It really pissed me off to see this type of attitude. Please change dude.


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