Monday, July 19, 2004

Went to PD Sanctuary last week. The travel was okay and the stay was quite nice even though the nearest beach (that we can swim inside) is 30 km journey from that place. We brought along our BBQ set and we are spending most of our time in the swimming pool.


Like there is no swimming pool in KL.

Mum and Nadiah, Happy birthday. My mum and sis are quite lucky for they shared the same birthday's date. May happiness will always be with both of you.

Watched Malaysian Idol last week. Really like Syima’s performance (even though she didn’t make it to final 11). She’s cute and she had a very strong voice to compliments that. Voted for Rizal, Vick and Syima, but only Vick made it as final candidates (congrats man). Mac Chew (the pianist) is brilliant. I really like the way he played along with the songs (the way he rearranged the melody to suits the time given to each contestant).

I wish I’m that good.


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