Monday, September 27, 2004

I think it’s not exaggerating to say that only Jac and Dina excel in this week Malaysian Idol’s. Vick and Andrew had fail miserably. One word to describe Vick choice of song: Bad. He got a good voice, if not great, but he can’t show it to the audience that night. That song didn’t permit him to do that.

Roslan, you said it right, his performance is definitely rubbish.

Andrew. Enough said. He proves to us that he sings ‘magnificently’ in the low notes, and not in the high notes. He is no risk taker either. I believe Malaysian had help and do him a BIG favor by voting him out. One note, I think it’s a big mistake for Andrew to sing Man Bai’s song. Okay, we can’t blame him, as he is also not in the know who’s going to be the guest jury. Knowing and hearing Man Bai’s comments for each contestant, I know he will bombard him real good if he can’t perform. And suddenly, I’m afraid if Andrew can’t take the harsh words anymore.

Jien and Aleya: Ok, here comes Andrew singing our guest jury number, ‘Kau Ilhamku’.
Me: Ohh, you shouldn’t have (with Britney intonation of course, huahaha).

And, what’s with the idea of having two presenters for our Idols’ thingy. I know, in 8TV, they dare to be different, but please not on things like this. And yes, couldn’t we find the more suitable candidates than Jien or Aleya. They are boring. Damn boring. No offence to them or even to their fans. It’s just that, every week the same word-by word sentences being used by them. I even knew what gonna be their next questions. Dejavu.

Producer, now it’s up to you. Please do something. You are being paid to do that.


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