Friday, September 17, 2004

My friend watched Prof Khoo Kay Kim on TV yesterday. According to him, this guy had a room full of books. Wow. Now, I envy him. Books are my passion and to me, room full of books can makes me speechless, anytime, anywhere. Planning to have a mini library in my home. But not now, I think it will only be materialized once I have my own home.

Then, we start to talk about Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz. Somehow, when I see a lot of books I can relate it with Ungku. I admire his strength and his healthy lifestyle. To me he’s inspiring and full of charisma. I wish when I’m that old, people will look up at me the way I look up at him. And yes, I do hope I can reach that age.

Still healthy and sane, with my wife always by my side.

Zan: His (He’s referring to Prof Khoo here) room is full of books.
Me: Damn.
Zan: Ok, I’m sure this will pissed you off. Hehe. There is like 40 or 50 books in his table alone. I wonder where will he get the space to write.
Me: Man, people use computer these days.

Writing this entry do makes me happy. Really happy.


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