Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Okay, now it’s time for some serious QA session.

[If I were a month I would be]--> October (For the very obvious reason, I was born on that month)
[If I were a character in the movie I would be]--> Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy (He’s a lion)
[If I were a time of day I would be]--> Lunch hours
[If I were a planet I would be]--> Mars (Men was from Mars right?)
[If I were a sea animal I would be]--> The meanest and the strongest one
[If I were a direction I would be]--> The direction to her heart (Okay, I blame it all to Sidney Sheldon’s novels)
[If I were a sin I would be]--> Flirting (I don’t think it’s a sin actually?)
[If I were a liquid I would be]--> Water (Yeah, boring)
[If I were an actor I would be--> Can I pick an actress instead? Angelina Jolie (She really got a great heart, plus she got beautiful body and luscious lips)
[If I were a bird I would be]--> The big ones, the one which can scares you anytime)
[If I were a tool I would be]--> Screwdriver (That got nothing to do with me wanting to screws somebody, mind you)
[If I were a athlete I would be]--> Lance Armstrong or any marathon runners could do. I admire their determination.
[If I were a kind of weather I would be]--> Summer (It's getting hot in here, so let's take off all your cloths)
[If I were a singer I would be]--> Bono from U2 (He got heart, his efforts to write off debt owed by 28 of world’s poorest countries is just amazing)
[If I were an animal, I would be]--> Lion (I’m a lion!)
[If I were an insect, I would be]--> Butterfly (Float like a butterfly thingy)
[If I were an emotion, I would be]--> Moody (I'm such a temperamental king)
[If I were a vegetable, I would be]--> Spinach (Popeye the sailorman, toot toot. I’m such a cartoons freak)
[If I were a song, I would be]--> Creep by Radiohead (I wish I was special, you’re so fucking special. Classic)
[If I were a movie, I would be]--> Shawshank Redemption (Inspiring)
[If I were a book, I would be]--> Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer (The greatest book I've read so far)
[If I were a place, I would be]--> Genting (City of Entertainments)
[If I were a taste, I would be]--> Spicy
[If I were a scent, I would be]--> Sexy (AAUUMMMM, Somehow that sound seems so wrong)
[If I were a word, I would be]--> Bismillah
[If I were a body part I would be]--> Eyes (To flirt???)
[If I were a facial expression I would be]--> Smirk
[If I were a subject in school I would be]--> Biology (Especially on the reproductive subject)
[If I were a cartoon character I would be]--> Optimus Prime (Transformers, he's simply my hero)
[If I were a shape I would be]--> Round and firm (sound kinda kinky huh)
[If I were a number I would be]--> 11 (Ryan Giggs wears that number)

I love to do this. It’s all keeps coming back to me while I’m doing the quiz. The memories I had in boarding school when the first time I’m listening to Radiohead, Metallica or even Nirvana’s songs. I used to admire Kurt Donald Cobain, though he only writes simple songs. To me, if we take time to read and re-read the lyrics, we will notice that he tries to tell us something. And then, he commits the unthinkable.


Stupid. If you can’t handle fames anymore, suicide is really not the answer dude.

Me, like another child in the 80s adore Thundercats and Transformers. Optimus Prime is simply my hero. I even cried when he died in one of the episodes.

And yeah, being one of the Librans makes me love to flirt. We like to socialize, but please, that doesn’t mean that we were unfaithful. People always mistook our kindness with love. Yes, I’m being nice with you and you and you. But, that doesn’t mean that I love you. Loyalty is something I want from my other half, thus, I need to be loyal as well.

Being a Librans also has helps me in that department.


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