Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Thanks for the comments and tags received during the hiatus. I really appreciate that. You guys rock.

I received the happiest news of my life yesterday. After being together for one whole year, my wife’s getting pregnant of our first child. And, you guys should look at our face at that time. My wife and me can’t stop smiling. No doubt, this was the happiest moment of our lives. Even graduating or getting married doesn’t have this kind of effect. We then start to plans on who’s gonna be the lucky babysitter and which schools is suitable for him, or her. We are okay with either one. We even went all out to buy calcium milk drinks. She needs to be healthy during the pregnancies. No more heavy works for her. I’ll help her on that. That’s a promise. I’ll read Koran verses and talk with the baby everyday now without fails. And you know what, I start to love the baby.

That night, my wife was bleeding badly. Not knowing what to do, we went to UH. According to the doctor the baby is expected to aborting him/herself in one or two days time. And the doctor expects us to remain calm, as there is nothing she can do to prevent all this. The doctor, then, shows us the scanned picture of the baby. The baby was so small.

Everything changed during the span of one day.

Dear, I’m proud of you. Thank you for being so tough. I wish I could be that strong.

God, thanks for the opportunity given to me. I’m one happy guy yesterday. There’s no doubt about that.


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