Monday, October 11, 2004

Didn't have the chance to watch Malaysian Idol's Finale, the performance and the result show that is. The former because I’m too sleepy, so, I think the better things to do at that time is to sleep. As simple as that. I attended my niece birthday party at McDonalds Shah Alam on Saturday, thus makes me missed the latter. No regret though. Based on the previous performance, it gonna take miracles to help Dina winnings the contest. Jac is too strong. But yes, sometimes miracles do happen.

New Police Story

Back from Shah Alam, I watched Jackie Chan's New Police Story. Damn nice. This time around besides all the nicely done fighting scenes, he puts a lot of humane and morals to the movie. From this movie, I learned that:

1. Don't be too over confident. Jackie Chan's lost all of his man in just one operation, thus makes him lost his mind. Who won’t? Later in the movie, he found out that somebody from his team leaks the operation's information to the bad guys.

2. True love is hard to find, but, when you found it, please don't ever let it go. That's what been happening to Jackie's fiancée. Though, Jackie's gone mad after the incident that killed all his man, his fiancée stay loyal and in love with him. Proved that true love still exists. And there is also one scene where his fiancée cut all the wires in the bomb attached to her body so that Jackie won't die with her in that freak incidents. Message to Jackie's fiancée: "Next time, don't cut the wires. It will hurt us (male species) more to watched our love ones die."

3. Your kindness from your past will help you when you least expected. In this case, Nicholas Tse helps Jackie's to recuperate himself. I think without Nicholas help, Jackie will die from a lot of alcohol intakes and broken hearted.

4. Daniel Wu's too cute to become a villain.

You all should watch the movie.

Back to the Malaysian Idol's finale result show. Except from Syima performing that night, the miracles didn't happened. Thank God.


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