Friday, October 01, 2004

My Regrets

Everybody does have regrets in their life. Me too!!!

1. Neglecting my best friends for my then girlfriend (now my ex). Iza, Aida and Kamarul, I’m really sorry. You know what, until today I still think about you guys and cherish every moments we had together. I really wish that I can turn back the time.
2. Keeping my hair’s long. I really had a very long hair back then when I’m still studying in MU. I only trimmed it once in the while. Only manage to cut it all days before my graduation day. Heyyy, I really need to look good on that day. Don’t get me wrong, I love having long hair (mine, Dave Grohl’s hair during his days in Nirvana), but it has deprived me to too many opportunities. The job opportunities that is.
3. Didn’t attend the MOD pilot’s interview. I want to be a Test Pilot (okay, maybe a lawyer or an IGP). You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that by being the test pilot for MOD, the greater your chance it is to be Malaysia’s first Astronaut. But, my mom didn’t like the idea of me venturing that industry, afraid that I’ll end up killing myself. Thus, I didn’t go for the said interview. There goes my chance on becoming Malaysian first astronaut. Anyway mom (if you read this post), I love you.
4. Turned down MU’s offer. MU offers me to do Master's Program in UK. And me, for various reasons, from financial to personal foolishly turn it down. The reason was, I've started working and had a few other commitments. Besides that, I also think that I am suck at lecturing. The thing is if I accepted the offer, I need to serve MU for 4 fat years once I finished up my studies. Thinking back, I think it's not that bad. Not bad at all.
5. Stop doing my Master's program. I take Master classes in MU for two full semesters as part time student. Meaning, I need to rush from work four days a week for 6 to 9 classes. Hmmm, it’s kinda okay in the beginning. But after sometime, I found it’s hard for me to attend the classes. My work at that time needs me to be in the office until 10. In the end, I pulled the plug and decided to concentrate more on my career. Sometimes, I think I should have taken leave without pay option at that time.

But, somehow, I think I need all those. The regrets I mean.

It made me to become the better and stronger person that I am today. Without all those, maybe I’ll become one arrogant sonofabitch. God forbid.


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