Thursday, October 14, 2004

One of my mother’s friend wished she had softer and clearer skin, without any pimples. She can’t take it anymore. To her, it’s not cool to have pimples all over the face. She prays, wishing that one day she doesn’t have to deal with all this anymore. The hassles (to rub her face every night). The humiliation. The teasing she gets from her loved one. She’s beautiful, but pimples are simply a no-no in her dictionary.

One day, God granted her wishes.

She woke up with clearer skin (no pimples at all), and yes, it also last that way until today. It's been almost twenty years, and counting.

Few days before that happened, the car knocks her down. She lost a lot of blood and almost all her teeth (that explained how the cleansing process being done). A string of operations can’t bring her face back to normal. Now, she needs to deals with her new face, the face that before this incident, she wouldn’t dare to possess.

Be careful what you wished for.

You might get it.


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