Tuesday, November 23, 2004

People should get a full loan if they are studying local. Or better still, a scholarship.

Not a lousy RM 3000 PTPTN loan for a full three years of doing Pharmacist in UiTM. It’s ridiculous. How you can survive with that amount of money these days?

I wonder.

And, she only manages to get that amount after failing to do so in her first and second interviews attempt.

Come on.

To add to that insult, she’s taking Pharmacist, something that needed most in this country. She’s not taking Aeronautical Engineering or courses that wouldn’t be any good to this country. I’ve known a man who did a door design for Boeing for his final year thesis and yet work as an IR executive. And he gets the scholarship for this and happily did his Degree in US. It cost the government more than half a million.

We don’t need a rocket scientist to do that kind of work. We need a good lawyer to do that.

Correct me if I’m wrong. PTPTN come in package with 10 percent interest rate. And then, why can you give her more than RM 3000?

Not enough money. Bullshit.

Okay, she did come from a quite well to do family. I’m sure her father can support her. But it’s her father who’s rich, not her. What happened if one day there’s a rage between both of them?

It sure will affect her studies.

Can’t you think of that Mister?

Maybe you can, if you're not busy playing golf with your director.