Friday, January 28, 2005

5 Ways To Spend Your PTPTN Loan

1. Plan a field trip for you and your course mates, with you bearing all the charges. The destination: National Zoo. They got giraffes there and I’m sure you guys will have the time of your life visiting the giraffes. Giraffes are the best. They’re tall.
Fun Factor: Stand beside the giraffe and ask your course mates to take your picture. Then, send the pictures taken to me. I’m gonna put it in my blog. It gonna be fun.

2. Plan a birthday party; it doesn’t have to be your birthday or anybody’s birthday. At McD’s counter, pick few peoples randomly while they are queuing. Ask them to join your birthday party. Some of them wouldn’t get along with your request, never mind, just get hold the next person in line. When they are all there and ready, start ordering your food. Make sure that you only order food for you and you only. For the fun of it, make it happy meal. They come with toy.
Fear factor: Beware of the clowns. They are scary.

3. Pretending that you are Mr. Tom Hanks in the movie ‘The Terminal’. Try to re-live that experience. Go to KLIA, they got Burger Kings in level 3 (that’s where you going to spend some of your money). Pretending that you don’t have the money and the only way you can only eat at the Burger King’s by pushing a certain amount of trolleys.
Fun factor: I’m sure there are a lot of trolleys outside the airport, but you can’t go out from the airport, remember? So start imagining that there’s a guard guiding all the exit doors. So, for this exercise you can only push the trolleys inside the airport.

4. Buy the giraffe. The small one will do. Cute little giraffe is cute and fun to be with. To capture the moments perfectly, hire professional photographer.
Fun factor: See point number 1.

5. Call all the media and Jeff Ooi, you are going to make Malaysia longest popiya (one of Malaysian famous delicacy).
Fun factor: This is the most expensive activity so far. This way you can finish up the money faster than you ever thought.

Take care dude. But before that don't forget that ten percents of the money is mine. Consultation fee. Have fun with the giraffe though.