Friday, May 06, 2005

This is amusing.

Since being introduced on Jan 1, diesel quota system has caused severe shortages of the fuel in the country and has hurt honest dealers along the way. That was 4 months ago.

The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs said the root cause of the shortages is ‘smuggling’. What he fails to tell us is why the problem has not being fixed. He also has the cheek to say that he’s doing a good job and this is how we really should run the country*.

I don’t think so.

Lo and behold, this came from the same man that comes with a brilliant strategy to curb the crisis - use another months' (May and June) quota.

To me the quota system shouldn’t be there in the first place. But he knew better. He even got his pay increase approved in the Parliament earlier last month. In my current job, it can only mean one thing; jobs well done.

We’ve also experienced the third (petrol and diesel) price increase in 12 months time.

Come on. Make up your mind.

*Source:, April 27


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