Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Curiosity did kill the cat.

As much as I thought that the new reality TV, ‘Mencari Cinta’, was so lame, I kept on watching it. Though the show is currently running on a very tight budget (I really feel for the participants. It looks like everything did come from their own pocket), Elly Zakaria’s quest on searching her life partner is certainly not to be missed. It is also ironical that the show is being hosted by 40-something-love-searching-Abby-Fana.

Last night, my personal favorite, Abang Long was being eliminated.

‘Abang Long should have won the show.’
‘I think that Abang Long should have won, he is matured and cool.’
‘Come on. For once, let her decide on her life partner.’
‘But dear, I want to choose for her. She clearly couldn’t decide. I think, by now, she should have known who she wants to marry.’
‘Go ahead, be her family then.’

Okay, for the past few weeks, her family is the one who made all the decisions. I think she prefer it to be that way. For the next 2 episodes (if she still couldn’t make up her mind), I would like to see her friends, colleagues, neighbors or even 3 millions viewers to make the final decision. This could be done through SMS, and I bet this gonna be fun.

Talking about SMS, the quality of Malaysian Idol this season was so bad that even Paul Moss appearances couldn’t save the show. I think if one day, the producer decides to put Fantasia Barrino (the winner of American Idol 3) side-by-side with Daniel, our Daniel will won single-handedly.

Malaysians, I thank you for a job well done.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i come across your blog while searching about people opinion about mencari cinta show. i have never watched it and personally was curious when i read the news about they are not in love and probably not getting married. i guess the show lost it purpose and i guess at last ppl in malaysia makes decision on not the guy chemistry with her but maybe on more material instinct.

8:20 AM  

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