Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin. But first let me briefly update you guys what’s been happening to me for the past three years.

My son, Ahmad Firdaus, now five-years old wants to be called Moshahi. I blamed Ultraman’s creator for this misconception. He always cracks jokes and has evolved to watch more mature programs on the TV. No more Thomas and Friends or Jim Jam Sunny and he choosed to watch Power Rangers or Ultraman Cosmos instead. Though the father never fancy men in thighs, he unfortunately has to move along with his son’s obsession.

I now got a daughter by the name of Farah Nuradlina. She looks exactly like her father and blessed with her mother’s attitudes. She is now 1 year-and-half and knows how to get her father’s attention. She will simply scream on top of her lungs or stay at one corner sulking for nothing. Her father simply adores her.

The missus is now pregnant and expected to delivered in three months time. Although her husband sincerely likes the Kardashian sisters for their huge talents, he also felt that his wife is the prettiest lady in Puchong.


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