Thursday, August 11, 2005

Track and field athletes are currently competing in Helsinki for World Track Championships. My wife made those statements yesterday.

1) They should have made bigger gap between those lines (on the track). It’s not wide enough even for us to run on it.
2) That’s the reason I didn’t foresee myself doing any short distance events. I will surely run onto my competitor’s lane.
3) Worst case scenario, I will run over them.
4) Hey, they shouldn’t use starting pistol (in the first place). It increases the probability of runners making a mistake.
5) That’s another reason why I didn’t foresee myself doing any short distance events. It will surely increase my blood pressure.
6) Can I have those shoes dear?

Thanks to her, now, running on the track is not as easy as before.

My life would never be the same again.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Having delivered our first child, my wife is entitled for a maternity leave for couple of months. By being at home, the privilege of checking her mailbox was taken away from her. And I’ve been blessed ever since.

Last Monday, she started working.

And guess what’s in my mailbox that morning.

Fwd: Dato’ K???*

I should have seen this coming.

* Mystery man that is currently being associated with Malaysian pop idol, Siti Nurhaliza

Monday, August 01, 2005

Firdaus Voted World’s Greatest


1. His hair is blonde. People always ask whether it’s natural. It is.
2. He is moody, just like his father. Okay, this coming from his mother.
3. He likes to go out, just like his mother. Every time we went out, he slept. 
4. He spends most of his time sleeping. When his parents try to sleep, he wakes up. Crying.
5. He will cry on top of his lung every time he is near water. Someone with guts as big as an elephant is needed to give him a bath.
6. His father has a BIG plan for him. To be the second Malaysian to go to outer space. The first spot has already been taken.
7. He can only sleep when the light is on. Hence, his father already put this on his reminder:
Make sure to pay the bills on time. Or else?
8. He likes classical music. He will stop crying whenever he hears one in the background. His father once tried to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith, thus he stopped the music. Both of them cried.
9. He thinks Angelina Jolie is sexy. Um, actually his father is the one who’s having that thought.

Pop Quiz:
In the picture above, what scares him the most?
a) Camera’s flash.
b) His mother’s hair.

Sorry dear, I just couldn't help it.