Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Being outside Ring of Fire, I never thought Malaysia will be affected by the earthquake. I was wrong.

Northern states (Penang and Kedah especially) is badly affected by the oceanic torrent after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off Sumatra on Sunday. That was hundreds miles away. Read somewhere that it takes 2 and half hours after the super earthquake before the tidal waves reached Malaysian coasts.

2 and half hours.

What happened to all the warning systems. Don’t tell me that Malaysia don’t have those. Please don’t tell me that.

I know this type of events is not that easy to forecast.

I know that.

That’s where the words “Preventive Maintenance” came into the picture.

My prayers are with the victims and their family. May God bless their soul.

How I wish I was right.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Admit it guys. We all know that Ronaldinho was robbed. Being robbed of his European Best Player 2004 award (No doubt he won FIFA World Player 2004 award, but it’s a different issue altogether). With a permanent smile in his face, he’s definitely one of the most effective strikers in Europe. What makes him different from others is the fact that he played entertaining football. Spectacular football. Period.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In the car on the way back from lunch, Michelle said to Chris that she would like to stop for petrol.

Chris: What’s your preference?
Michelle: Shell.
Chris: BP’s the best, we shouldn’t settle for second best.
Michelle: Yeah right.
Chris: Right. My mom said so.

It’s quite subjective and hard to distinguish which petrol’s the best. Nobody knows. But, I do know beyond reasonable doubt that somebody’s going back to his hometown tonight to meet his mommy.

Merry Christmas man.
It’s pity for us, mankind, to deals with all the craps and bureaucracies when all that she wanted to do is to generate thinking capabilities in us, the viewers.

Read here for a better picture.

I don't understand Malaysian Censorship Board. They had some kind of double standard when dealings with intellectual properties. If it's local productions, they will surely and happily impose a lot of cuts to the film. If it's international, it's a different picture altogether.

I'm so sorry to hear that Yasmin. Some people seem to be inconsiderate.

And unappreciative, for that matter.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Chris cut his hair.

Chris: It’s already 11 AM, yet, nobody commented on my new look.
Me: In Malaysia (he’s Australian by the way), if the guys or girls had a great haircut, people acknowledge by saying “What a nice haircut you had there.”
Chris: Ah ha.
Me: Second category, bad haircut. People either keep their mouth shut or saying, “You cut your hair do you?” with mischievous look on their face. Maybe you felt in that type of category.
Chris: You mean.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with his haircut. He looks great.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

For the past one month, I rode my bike to work. Old 80 cc Suzuki. Though I have a car and my wife been nagging over and over again asking me to drive the car to work, I just failed to comply. It’s just that it’s more convenience and stresses free this way.

Bad weathers while riding the bike is tolerable.

Jam in Federal Highway, intolerable.

One wise man once said to me, “If you’re thinking of getting yourself a bigger bike, you better rides this bike (my bike) everyday, even on worst condition. Be it bad bike condition or bad weather. By doing that, it’s much easier for you to present your case to your wife (ask for the permission) whenever there’s an urge to buy bigger bike in the future".

Early next year, I’m going to upgrade it into one of those 110 cc Yamaha. I’ve yet to decide on which model. The thought of it already makes me happy. Very happy.

Sir, I’ve followed your advice, but, judging from the current pace, I believe it’s going to takes me another 20 years before I can get my first KTM.

Makes me wonder what's in the ang pow really.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

These being excerpted from a VISA brochure:

Spend a minimum of RM80 on your VISA card in a single receipt at Carrefour and you’ll receive a Mystery Gift*! You can also get limited edition VISA ang pow packets** in January!

*Limited to 4,000 gifts per day. **While stocks last.

True enough, I get one packet of CINTAN instant noodles.

Very mysterious indeed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Zul, our recruitment and selection manager couldn’t make it on the appointment dates proposed by us. For the next three days he will be in Langkawi on duty travel.

Zul: I couldn’t make it on the proposed dates and time given.
Me: After 5:30 is fine with me Sir.
Zul: There's one problem though. I’m in Langkawi for the next few days. Duty travel. Unless you both want to come here, I’m afraid I can only meet you guys up this Friday afternoon. Why don’t we meet up this Friday, 5:30 perhaps?
Me: I'm okay with that timing, but I'm afraid Michelle couldn't make it. I think I'll let her explain and pass the phone to her if you don't mind.
Zul: Okay.

At this juncture, I passed the phone to Michelle.

Michelle (my colleague): Afraid I couldn’t make it that evening Sir. Got a meeting in Singapore that day. The flight will touchdown KLIA around 6:15.
Zul: 7 PM then?
Michelle: Okay. Faizal and me will be there at 7.
Zul: Ask Faizal to come over at 5:30. After 6 PM, things kind of spooky here.
Michelle: Okay.

Michelle, we should meet him up in Langkawi.

Monday, December 13, 2004

My previous blog entry deemed some kind of explanation perhaps. :)

It's kinda funny actually.

The first boy got into the car. Sat beside my wife.

The second boy opened the door (at the back of my car). Saw a box (which blocked his way into the car). Saw an empty seat beside the box. Thinking on seating on that empty seat. Closed the door. Making his way to another door when my wife revved the engine and off she went.

The first boy shocked.

The second boy shocked.

My wife shocked (too), but only after her arrived at the drop off area.

Friday, December 10, 2004


My wife loves to give strangers a lift. She’s the one that thought that everybody could be trusted.

One day, she saw two male students walking towards MU. By the way, she’s working in that university and currently we are staying in the quarters just outside the campus.

She gave them a ride. One of the boys took his place on the front seat. While the other open the rear door of the car and then closed it.

My wife took them (at least she think of) to their designated faculty, only to found out later (way later, she’s already arrived in that faculty) that one of them is not in the car. He asked the boy in front seat, “Where’s your friend?”

He said that the other boy’s on the way to another door (opposite the one that he opened and then closed) when my wife starts to move and then revved the car. He (the lucky boy) was numb by that incident (my wife left without his friend on the car), but he didn’t say anything (maybe thinking that my wife’s planned all this).

She then saw (or shall I say, noticed) a box on the backseat on that side of the door (the one that been opened and closed by that boy). No wonder that boy thought of getting into the car trough another means (this case, another door).

Poor boy.

P/S: Wife dearest, please be extra careful next time. Not everybody can be trusted these days.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Coming back from lunch just now, Chris caught us entering our room and asked the three of us (me and my two colleagues) to follow him. By the way, Chris is the consultant working in the project I’m in now. He’s an expatriate from Australia. He’s a nice guy. He’s quite mean with his words, but we really can’t argue with his points. His knowledgeable and well read. The strong logic in him is undeniable.

Okay, back to the story, he brought us all to the pantry. And then we watched him making his coffee before he brought us back to our project room.

Asked by us, what’s the reason of all this (to walk with him four floors up and then down), he simply said, “I’ve told Michelle that I’ll be back before they all do”.

Michelle is my team member.
He did it again. I didn’t believe this coming and I’m shocked.

Below article is being excerpt from yesterday’s newspaper (The Malay Mail, December 1, 2004).

Body language specialist Jackson Yogarajah has come out with a new book on detecting lies and deception – with a case study of the Sharifah Aini interview he saw on TV.

"My book details everything and on how I came to the conclusion that Sharifah was telling the truth. This could exonerate her.”

“Police officers, especially those who have attended my courses, could use it as a reference book,” he said.

"It could save organisations and the country millions by being able to detect lies and deception."

By the way, the title of that book is "55 Reasons Why Sharifah Aini Was Not Faking It", and it's slated for release by the end of the year.

Mr. Jackson, did you know that this kind of merchandising item would surely affect the outcomes of the court case she’s facing now?

Remember the letter I wrote to him before.

It’s still valid.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Now, my company is in the verge of upgrading its IT system. So, for the past 2 months we keep on getting a lot of Broadcast messages stating that they will shut off the servers at this time and that time, or reminding us to install new antivirus update whenever there’s virus attack. Every day, they will broadcast something.

Two to four broadcast messages per day.

Today, I received one broadcast message stating that there will be no broadcast message today.