Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Buai Laju-Laju

*No spoilers ahead

Had the opportunity to watch U-Wei's Buai Laju-Laju last night. Pirated VCD of course. Somehow, I can relate Betty Benafe acting with the lovely Sofia Jane in Perempuan, Isteri dan ... Maybe, this is because of their characters in both movies, played very big part in that ‘relate’ thing. To intrigued us, viewers, in sexually kind of manner.

Betty Benafe acting is quite okay. Not that good but definitely better than some big players in the industry. Yusri Abd Halim to name one. Erra Fazira (or shall I say Eera Fazira, what’s with that name change anyway?) to name another.

Okay, I’m so gonna get it by saying the two sentences above. Luckily my wife’s not reading this blog. She’s Erra biggest fan.

Here, I don’t want to mention anything about Khalid Salleh or even Eman Manan acting. They’ve already stood tall in their own class. First class that is. The plot consist of, a beautiful-young-wife (Betty), a rich-but-unfortunately-old-hubby (Khalid) and a strangers-who-can’t-pay-for-his-RM7.50-meal (Eman that is). Khalid asks Eman to work in his home to repay the debt. Actually, watching Malay movie is so damn easy. We know what will happen next. In this case I knew all along that Betty would flirt (proven, she flirts a lot in this movie) and then felt in love with Eman. Thus, they kill the poor old man. Somebody watch that incident and start to blackmail this lusty couple. Okay, I think I should stop here before I start to screw up by revealing (Read: Spoil everything) all the surprises and how the movie will ends.

I think I’ve done a favor there.

Me, tired.

Monday, September 27, 2004

I think it’s not exaggerating to say that only Jac and Dina excel in this week Malaysian Idol’s. Vick and Andrew had fail miserably. One word to describe Vick choice of song: Bad. He got a good voice, if not great, but he can’t show it to the audience that night. That song didn’t permit him to do that.

Roslan, you said it right, his performance is definitely rubbish.

Andrew. Enough said. He proves to us that he sings ‘magnificently’ in the low notes, and not in the high notes. He is no risk taker either. I believe Malaysian had help and do him a BIG favor by voting him out. One note, I think it’s a big mistake for Andrew to sing Man Bai’s song. Okay, we can’t blame him, as he is also not in the know who’s going to be the guest jury. Knowing and hearing Man Bai’s comments for each contestant, I know he will bombard him real good if he can’t perform. And suddenly, I’m afraid if Andrew can’t take the harsh words anymore.

Jien and Aleya: Ok, here comes Andrew singing our guest jury number, ‘Kau Ilhamku’.
Me: Ohh, you shouldn’t have (with Britney intonation of course, huahaha).

And, what’s with the idea of having two presenters for our Idols’ thingy. I know, in 8TV, they dare to be different, but please not on things like this. And yes, couldn’t we find the more suitable candidates than Jien or Aleya. They are boring. Damn boring. No offence to them or even to their fans. It’s just that, every week the same word-by word sentences being used by them. I even knew what gonna be their next questions. Dejavu.

Producer, now it’s up to you. Please do something. You are being paid to do that.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Sim: The True Story

Reading Dona’s post makes me wanna share my experience while playing The Sim (It’s the game that we as player will play God and control all the characters movement, from their relationships with each other, their careers, their eating habits to their very bladder movements). The meanest thing I’ve done while playing The Sim is to kill a character. Here’s the story.

1. First of all, I create one couple. Let’s just say, Murni and Nagyb.
2. Then, I make them fall in love. I mean, really in love. In this game to make them fall in love, it involves a lot of teasing, kissing and dancing scenes. Huahaha.
3. After that, I create another character, Farid, and made him sharing the same house with this couple. The sole purpose of creating this character is to create a conflict between Murni and Nagyb. And yes, this will also involve a lot of kissing scenes. Yayy. The end result, Murni fall completely in love with Farid.
4. Now, there is a problem. Because they both love the same woman, they can’t share a house. It’s affecting their mood, thus their careers gone haywire in no time.
5. Mayday. Mayday (Houston we got problem!!). Something needs to be done. Fast.
6. Then, the devil in me creates a swimming pool in front of their house and commanded Nagyb to swim in it.
7. As soon as this guy steps into the water, I took away the ladder. Without the ladder, he can’t get out from the water and this therefore makes him drown. Slowly, yet satisfying.
8. Mission accomplished. The remaining couple lives happily ever after. Or so they think.

Oh behave.

Nagyb, rest in peace.

Add on Sept 24, 10 AM: Other mean things that I love to do once in the while, while playing this game is to take away the toilet the time they needed it the most, to put walls all around the toilet so that this guy can't do their business when the urge arrived, to put the walls all around them so that they can't go anywhere (stuck and die??) and to move around their food (I ask them to cook for their own food, and, when it's time to eat that food, I pause the game and take away that food). Yayyy. Now, who’s the man?

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

She did it again. Mrs. Britney Spears is married for the second time. This time, with a penniless (at least that’s what being mentioned again and again in local tabloids) dancer. On that occasion, all the guests needed to wear special tracksuits, pink ones that marked ‘The Maid’ for the women and the white ones marked ‘Pimps’ for the men. And, they all had chicken strips which the guests said taste like fish sticks and mini cheeseburgers as the appetizers. I wonder what was on her minds. Is this her idea of a fairy tale wedding? I don’t think so. I think this is the worst wedding a star could ever have. Though, I’m not even close to being her fan (I’m more into Aguilera - inspiring lyrics, damn sexy image), I still think that she can do or deserve better than this.

Where are her friends and advisers when she needs them the most?

“She had no make-up on and she was in sweatpants. I mean, who does that on their wedding day? People couldn’t believe they had to pay for their own alcohol – they were sure there would be a tab” – The Malay Mail Sept 21, 2004

Now, she needs a makeover. Major.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mr. Ferdinand back into action yesterday. Previously, I’ve mentioned in this blog that the biggest blunder United’s made last season is not signing world class defenders to replaced suspended Ferdinand. But, that is all over yesterday. He helped his club to win back a match after United’s four consecutive draws. And the best part is its Liverpool whose got beaten (in Old Trafford). Talking about irony. Of all the team, why it has to be Liverpool? My team.

He proves to me that even after being as a frustrated spectator for over eight months, he is still in his fittest condition yesterday. He definitely appeared to instill greater power into Manchester United defense that has crumbled much too often for my liking. Even Djibril Cisse or Milan Baros seems like Bukit Jalil Sports School players yesterday (puns really intended). Damn.

Arsenal, be scared.

Be very very scared.

Monday, September 20, 2004

This week, Malaysian Idol’s theme is P. Ramlee’s songs. Okay, first thing first. I really like Jac performance this week. She’s improving (for the first time at last). Good for her. Yeah, before this she was one of the shows favorites (no doubt about that), she’s great and all that, but she’s not improving at all. And yes, at that time, I preferred Nikki to won this Idol thingy. If you ask me, I think that she deserved that wake up call (when she’s been voted at bottom two last week). She needs that. She needs that to improve.

I kinda happy with the way things turn up this week. Saiful and Andrew deserves that bottom spots. And this week, Saiful happens to be the victim.

At last.

Now, I’m hoping that Andrew will go next. I can’t imagine him as our representative in the World Idol. He’s boring, and, it’s embarrassing to even think that he’s the best that Malaysia can produce. Please, don’t let the more talented guys to bow out in order to give way for him.

Me, very mean to Andrew.

Very very nice to Mr. Paul Moss.

He rock.

Friday, September 17, 2004

My friend watched Prof Khoo Kay Kim on TV yesterday. According to him, this guy had a room full of books. Wow. Now, I envy him. Books are my passion and to me, room full of books can makes me speechless, anytime, anywhere. Planning to have a mini library in my home. But not now, I think it will only be materialized once I have my own home.

Then, we start to talk about Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz. Somehow, when I see a lot of books I can relate it with Ungku. I admire his strength and his healthy lifestyle. To me he’s inspiring and full of charisma. I wish when I’m that old, people will look up at me the way I look up at him. And yes, I do hope I can reach that age.

Still healthy and sane, with my wife always by my side.

Zan: His (He’s referring to Prof Khoo here) room is full of books.
Me: Damn.
Zan: Ok, I’m sure this will pissed you off. Hehe. There is like 40 or 50 books in his table alone. I wonder where will he get the space to write.
Me: Man, people use computer these days.

Writing this entry do makes me happy. Really happy.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

George offers me two VIP passes to watch Formula Nippon in Sepang this weekend. Bro, you're one sweet guy. Thank you very much. Unfortunately I can't go to that event because I've already made another commitment. My wife will have a bowling tournament this weekend. As much as I love racing, I think it’s better if I stick to one thing at one time.

I’m not robot.

I've already asked him to pass it to another colleagues. I'm sure there is a lot of racing enthusiast out there and giving him or her the passes sure gonna make them happy.

It made me very happy.

As for me, there will always be another events like this in the future. Maybe you could give me the coming F1 tickets *hint hint*. I'm dying to watch Hakkinen in action (if the rumors about him racing back with BAR is true).

Hakkinen rock.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Okay, now it’s time for some serious QA session.

[If I were a month I would be]--> October (For the very obvious reason, I was born on that month)
[If I were a character in the movie I would be]--> Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy (He’s a lion)
[If I were a time of day I would be]--> Lunch hours
[If I were a planet I would be]--> Mars (Men was from Mars right?)
[If I were a sea animal I would be]--> The meanest and the strongest one
[If I were a direction I would be]--> The direction to her heart (Okay, I blame it all to Sidney Sheldon’s novels)
[If I were a sin I would be]--> Flirting (I don’t think it’s a sin actually?)
[If I were a liquid I would be]--> Water (Yeah, boring)
[If I were an actor I would be--> Can I pick an actress instead? Angelina Jolie (She really got a great heart, plus she got beautiful body and luscious lips)
[If I were a bird I would be]--> The big ones, the one which can scares you anytime)
[If I were a tool I would be]--> Screwdriver (That got nothing to do with me wanting to screws somebody, mind you)
[If I were a athlete I would be]--> Lance Armstrong or any marathon runners could do. I admire their determination.
[If I were a kind of weather I would be]--> Summer (It's getting hot in here, so let's take off all your cloths)
[If I were a singer I would be]--> Bono from U2 (He got heart, his efforts to write off debt owed by 28 of world’s poorest countries is just amazing)
[If I were an animal, I would be]--> Lion (I’m a lion!)
[If I were an insect, I would be]--> Butterfly (Float like a butterfly thingy)
[If I were an emotion, I would be]--> Moody (I'm such a temperamental king)
[If I were a vegetable, I would be]--> Spinach (Popeye the sailorman, toot toot. I’m such a cartoons freak)
[If I were a song, I would be]--> Creep by Radiohead (I wish I was special, you’re so fucking special. Classic)
[If I were a movie, I would be]--> Shawshank Redemption (Inspiring)
[If I were a book, I would be]--> Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer (The greatest book I've read so far)
[If I were a place, I would be]--> Genting (City of Entertainments)
[If I were a taste, I would be]--> Spicy
[If I were a scent, I would be]--> Sexy (AAUUMMMM, Somehow that sound seems so wrong)
[If I were a word, I would be]--> Bismillah
[If I were a body part I would be]--> Eyes (To flirt???)
[If I were a facial expression I would be]--> Smirk
[If I were a subject in school I would be]--> Biology (Especially on the reproductive subject)
[If I were a cartoon character I would be]--> Optimus Prime (Transformers, he's simply my hero)
[If I were a shape I would be]--> Round and firm (sound kinda kinky huh)
[If I were a number I would be]--> 11 (Ryan Giggs wears that number)

I love to do this. It’s all keeps coming back to me while I’m doing the quiz. The memories I had in boarding school when the first time I’m listening to Radiohead, Metallica or even Nirvana’s songs. I used to admire Kurt Donald Cobain, though he only writes simple songs. To me, if we take time to read and re-read the lyrics, we will notice that he tries to tell us something. And then, he commits the unthinkable.


Stupid. If you can’t handle fames anymore, suicide is really not the answer dude.

Me, like another child in the 80s adore Thundercats and Transformers. Optimus Prime is simply my hero. I even cried when he died in one of the episodes.

And yeah, being one of the Librans makes me love to flirt. We like to socialize, but please, that doesn’t mean that we were unfaithful. People always mistook our kindness with love. Yes, I’m being nice with you and you and you. But, that doesn’t mean that I love you. Loyalty is something I want from my other half, thus, I need to be loyal as well.

Being a Librans also has helps me in that department.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Yesterday’s evening.

My wife: Vote for Nikki yeah.
Me: Hmm. I think she’s gonna be okay this week. Next week we vote for her yeah.

For the past few weeks my wife keep on asking me to vote for Nikki. She loves Nikki. And me, being myself, teased her by just not following her orders. Besides that, my gut feeling says that she’s gonna make through for another week. Just like last week and the weeks before.

But last night, it didn’t happen.

I’m wrong. And now, she’s out for good.

I can say that it’s a very emotional night for my wife. She even said, that, she wants to see Nikki in her dream and then pacifies her. And yes, she also said that she wants to watch Malaysian Idol result show again tonight (nobody watch the repeat show). According to her, she wants to watch Nikki for the very last time.

Sorry dear, I’m sure gonna give you my phone next weekend. Votes for who ever you like. I wouldn’t mind. Promise.

One more note, Saiful is improving (at last!) and Barichello won the Italian GP. Okay, there is no connection between them both. But, I simply felt that I should include Barichello in this post. He drives a superb race last night. Thank God there is no team order. He is a good driver and the only thing that can deny him the win is his team. And, I truly feel that he shouldn't be left out from the picture once Schumacher retires from racing. He sacrifices a lot for the team. And yesterday, I felt your happiness. Good for you bro.

Ermm, sorry, good for them both (I simply forgot about Saiful).

Thursday, September 09, 2004

“Whatever I say won’t have any effect on the headlines. But can you think up some new ones because I’ve seen them all before.”
- England goalkeeper David James, whose howler allowed Austria to equalize in Vienna.

Hmmm, I don’t know what to say anymore. Want to stress that he’s my favorite keeper since his days in Liverpool. Yeah, I know he’s not consistent. Suck sometimes. And, people calls him ‘Calamity James’ for God's sake. But, please spare him a little. He strives and earns to be England’s number 1. Mind you, it’s not an easy task (this guy has to wait for more than 10 years, and it's only when Seaman’s retired from International football he get that spot), and I truly believe he deserve that. Okay, I admit, he do pissed me sometimes (when the whole England's squad is already happy with the results, he sometimes is the one who is simply not into the idea of winning). But, to blame it all on him is not right.

People do make mistakes.

Bashing him reminds me of the incidents in Malaysian Idol’s last week. Bakh, thanks for reminding me. Okay, Saiful is suck. No doubt about it. But, attacking him with irrelevant facts is simply not cool. Simply irritating. Simply stupid. I hate Saiful. But, I truly think that Roslan should have spared him a little.

Roslan, now it’s time for us to play kite.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My wife is one hardworking chick. There is no doubt about that. By now, I believe a lot of you have already knew about her recent miscarriage. What I didn’t tell you all (yet!) is that we went to PD last weekend. She think there is a need for her to attends her department’s family day. Okay, before we came to know about the baby and then her recent miscarriage, she already accepted the MC’s job (for the BBQ’s dinner that night). As a treasurer of her department, it’s also her responsibility to settle all the bills and do all the planning and dealings with hotel manager. She think by backing off now, it will let others down.

For that, I’m really proud of you dear. You are one special and responsible person.

Dear, please take extra care okay.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Let’s talk about this week’s Malaysian Idol.

Their performance is hilarious (for most of them) and boring (for some of them). And yes, they are not up to my expectations and I believe they can do better. Maybe the theme is kinda hard. Yeah, I agreed. To do rock songs is not easy and they do look more comfortable doing some R&B numbers, but, really, if they are the one who’s gonna represent us in World Idol, I really expect more than what they are showing. And Andrew, you really don’t have to release your hair and do head banging to become a rock lad. Please don’t do things like that ever again man. I’m begging you here.

Zamil departure is predictable; he’s not improving at all. In fact he is becoming worst each weeks (same goes to you Saiful). To sum it all, I’m kinda disappointed with all of them and they really are in their weakest form last Friday.

The problem with all of them now is their inconsistency. For this type of show, they need to improve for every episode, and yes, currently, I hardly saw it.

Friday, September 03, 2004

What I’m hoping to see on tonight's Malaysian Idol.

1. Roslan Aziz stop being such a racist dude. The remark he made last week and the week before is so unexpected and was not responsible at all. You’re on National TV for God’s sake.
2. Nikki should learn to pick right songs. She’s smart. But, a string of bad choices of songs is totally annoying.
3. Paul Moss with his another crude remarks. Hmmm, he’s simply my idol.
4. Pretty boy Saiful to be voted out (the tribe has finally spoken). Okay, I've got nothing against this guy, but he's not improving at all. Simply put, his performance was average.
5. Okay, I didn’t get this, how can Dyna and Zamil be in the bottom three for last week show. Hope it won’t happen again. At least for another two shows.
6. Vick doing another Wacko Jacko’s number. Cool.
7. Andrew. Please don’t dance. You are just like me when you dance. Please face the fact that we can’t dance.
8. AFUNDI MASUK. So, I can votes Syima back to the competition. Without her, the show seems so dull. She rock.

Now, get back to work.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Thanks for the comments and tags received during the hiatus. I really appreciate that. You guys rock.

I received the happiest news of my life yesterday. After being together for one whole year, my wife’s getting pregnant of our first child. And, you guys should look at our face at that time. My wife and me can’t stop smiling. No doubt, this was the happiest moment of our lives. Even graduating or getting married doesn’t have this kind of effect. We then start to plans on who’s gonna be the lucky babysitter and which schools is suitable for him, or her. We are okay with either one. We even went all out to buy calcium milk drinks. She needs to be healthy during the pregnancies. No more heavy works for her. I’ll help her on that. That’s a promise. I’ll read Koran verses and talk with the baby everyday now without fails. And you know what, I start to love the baby.

That night, my wife was bleeding badly. Not knowing what to do, we went to UH. According to the doctor the baby is expected to aborting him/herself in one or two days time. And the doctor expects us to remain calm, as there is nothing she can do to prevent all this. The doctor, then, shows us the scanned picture of the baby. The baby was so small.

Everything changed during the span of one day.

Dear, I’m proud of you. Thank you for being so tough. I wish I could be that strong.

God, thanks for the opportunity given to me. I’m one happy guy yesterday. There’s no doubt about that.