Friday, October 29, 2004

The one that got away.

In Season 6 SATC, there’s one episode that caught my attention. “Boy, Interrupted” that is. In this episode, we can see that the scriptwriter try to instill into everybody’s mind the consequences of our past actions.

What if I’m still with him/her?
What if I didn’t dump him/her?
What if he/she is the one?

And all the What if …

In this case it was David Duchovny who happens to be Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshow) high school’s sweetheart. David is in town and Sarah agreed to meet him. They have chemistry, no doubt. And dear Sarah started to regrets the decision she made 20 years ago.

Where she dump David in hope to find a better man.

David’s sweet. And, everything seems sweet in the beginning, until David’s came clean. In this case, he’s a nutcase and need treatments. Okay, at least he’s honest and damn cute for my liking.

What will happens next? I don’t know.

But, everything does happen for a reason.

And I started to like my new layout.
Gosh. It seems like I’ve lost all my precious comments and links that I’ve gathered for the past few months. To those who thought that I’ve been hacked, sorry to disappoint you guys. I’m not. It’s the price I need to pay for the mistakes I’ve made. Next time, reminds me to make backups (of the codes) before even thinking to do any changes to the layout. Sorry guys.

Breathe in. Breathe out.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Received on forwarded mail today. Ne, thank you. It's very good and I think nobody should miss it. No credits being put yet. What do you expect? I really don't know who the hell created this monster. You, enjoy.

A man joined a big Multinational company as a management trainee.

On his first day he dialed the pantry and shouted into the phone,” Get me a coffee quickly!" The voice from the other side responded,"you fool you've dialed the wrong extension! Do you know who you're talking to, dumbo?" "No", replied the trainee. "Its the Managing Director of the company, you fool!" the MD responded. The man shouted back," and do you know who you're talking to, you fool?" "No", replied the MD. "Thank God!"' replied the trainee and put down the phone!

Good huh! I bet the MD's still blur with that freaking incident.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Apprentice – Reveals

I’m gonna revealed who’s the winner of most talked about reality TV – ‘The Apprentice’. To those who are not ready for a surprise, stop here. To those who had Astro, read ahead.

Donald Trump split the contestant to two teams, Women vs. Men. Basically from four previous episodes, the guy fails big time. They lost on all the challenge so far. Hmmm, makes me thinking. Is the man really that bad? Or is it because they didn’t used their sexuality enough to win any challenge?

Anyway, I like the way Nick defending himself in the boardroom (this happened in second episode where they need to do advertising project for jet company). He does performed, and you can’t just pick anybody to be responsible for that loses. Boo (with capital B) to the men’s team project manager at that time (I can’t remember his name) for taking Nick along to the boardroom. His reasoning, somebody needs to take the blame. What the fuck. Blamed yourself then, your team screwed big time because of you. How can you design effective ads without asking what customer wants? Next time, meet the customer (This case, MD of that jet company) first. Ask them what they want.


To those who didn’t watch the show, at the end of every episode, the loser team needs to send three representatives to take the blame for that loses. Then, Donald Trump will fire one of them.

And what’s with naming your company Versa Corp.? Man, you can do better than that.

This is the best part, my sister already knew who’s the winner is. Her friend told her.

“I knew who’s the winner is.”
“Don’t you dare tell me.”
“Ok, I won’t.
“Hmmm. Can’t believe that guy won the show”


“The reason Trump puts his name on all his buildings is so that the banks know which ones to take back,” – Rich Vos, comedian

Monday, October 18, 2004

Have you ever encountered rude drivers?

I share with you one experience.

Bangsar, two months ago

Actually, it’s my mistake. I’m driving out from Shell. I just glanced and went. And then, I heard a honk. Very laud and long honk. Knowing that I am causing that problem, I raised my hand, apologized.

Problem solved. Or so I think.

She’s basically not satisfied with me. She accelerated her car and managed to be side by side with my car in no time. I smiled and raised my hand again. Showed her how sorry I am. To my horror, she showed her third finger while mumbling something. And you all think its end there. It’s not. It ends in Jalan Tun Razak near PWTC, good 7 km later.

I think if one day she’s being cut into 18 pieces and my help is needed to identify the body. I can do that just by looking at her third finger. What do you expect, she showed it to me all the way from Bangsar. And now, it's vividly on my mind. Damn.

What happened to generation this day? To make things worse, she wears headscarf and there’s ‘Bismillah’ sticker sticking proudly at the back of her car. Now, please explain your behaviors that day to three small boys inside nearby Serena's who happened to witness all that. I pitied them. Double Damn.

Thank God, my wife’s with me to calmed me down. Thank God.

I wonder what will happen to her if it wasn’t me in the other car.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Once in my life (that was a long time ago), I’m thinking to earn a living as professional magician. Okay, blames it all to David Copperfield. Heyyyy, I’m not alone here. Even supermodels fell for him. Claudia Schiffer is one good example.

From there on I developed a passion in magic. I learn a few card tricks along the way and then performed it in front of my friends and families. They love it.

At least, that’s what they tell me.

To me David Copperfield is simply the Master of Illusions. He’s a legend. Without illusion, he’ll be nothing. And yes, I appreciate this from the very beginning.

Ask away, they won't tell you how it's done.

To bad, there’s no good school in Malaysia to teach us the tricks. Or else, I’ll be performing in Vegas this very moment. Haha.

Dream on.

The magician is supremely honest. He tells you he is going to deceive you, then lives up to his word.
– Ricky Jay, magician

Four men push a cabinet on stage. Houdini leads as elephant into the cabinet. Houdini shows the cabinet empty. Twenty men push the cabinet off stage. Where did the elephant go?
– Walter Gibson, magician
Muslims out there, Happy fasting.

May Allah continues to bless us in every possible ways. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

One of my mother’s friend wished she had softer and clearer skin, without any pimples. She can’t take it anymore. To her, it’s not cool to have pimples all over the face. She prays, wishing that one day she doesn’t have to deal with all this anymore. The hassles (to rub her face every night). The humiliation. The teasing she gets from her loved one. She’s beautiful, but pimples are simply a no-no in her dictionary.

One day, God granted her wishes.

She woke up with clearer skin (no pimples at all), and yes, it also last that way until today. It's been almost twenty years, and counting.

Few days before that happened, the car knocks her down. She lost a lot of blood and almost all her teeth (that explained how the cleansing process being done). A string of operations can’t bring her face back to normal. Now, she needs to deals with her new face, the face that before this incident, she wouldn’t dare to possess.

Be careful what you wished for.

You might get it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I love attending interviews. Okay let me rewrite that sentence; I love attending interviews just as long that I’m not the one who is being interviewed. As a panel, there are too many characters to be evaluated and too many papers to be filled out. Okay, scratch the second part from my last sentence. That’ll only help me to stay sane and awake when there’s a boring and quite personality to be evaluated. One time, there’s one interested candidate who opt to stay silence for the whole session. She prefers to look into our eyes (I mean DEEP into our eyes) than to utter any words. Spooky if you ask me.

Though, their line of job need them to depend more on their face and built, to me looks doesn’t play a very big role in my selection. You don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous or handsome like hell to be selected by me. As long as you look presentable and posses self-confident, you had a better chance than any bimbo’s.

There’s one incident, this one candidate rush in to our room asking why he’s not being selected.

“Why in hell I’m not make it to final round.”
“That’s confidential. Please liase with HR once everything’s settled.”
“Damn you.”
“I believe you know where the door is.”

Interesting. At least, it helps me to stay awake. Haha.

That’s all brought me to this: I wonder what I’m gonna face this evening. God, please send some interesting figures to my rescue. I’m kinda sleepy right now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This is interesting. Last night our company held a grand dinner in Hilton KL. The guest artist is Anita Sarawak. She’s great entertainer and we’ll simply adore her. She didn’t look or even act her age. No doubt about that. One incident, she went to Dato MD’s table and sings along with the girl sitting besides Dato. Be patient. The interesting part is yet to come. After finishing the song, below is the conversation between them.

“Wahhh, Datin you have a great voice. ”
“I’m not Datin.”
“Then who are you?”
“Datin couldn’t make it. I’m Suhaila.”

Hehe. I couldn’t help smiling. Naughty me.

Me, bad.

Btw, Suhaila is one of our AGM's who happens to sit besides Dato'.

On different note, Christopher Reeves, goodbye. You're the best superman ever.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Didn't have the chance to watch Malaysian Idol's Finale, the performance and the result show that is. The former because I’m too sleepy, so, I think the better things to do at that time is to sleep. As simple as that. I attended my niece birthday party at McDonalds Shah Alam on Saturday, thus makes me missed the latter. No regret though. Based on the previous performance, it gonna take miracles to help Dina winnings the contest. Jac is too strong. But yes, sometimes miracles do happen.

New Police Story

Back from Shah Alam, I watched Jackie Chan's New Police Story. Damn nice. This time around besides all the nicely done fighting scenes, he puts a lot of humane and morals to the movie. From this movie, I learned that:

1. Don't be too over confident. Jackie Chan's lost all of his man in just one operation, thus makes him lost his mind. Who won’t? Later in the movie, he found out that somebody from his team leaks the operation's information to the bad guys.

2. True love is hard to find, but, when you found it, please don't ever let it go. That's what been happening to Jackie's fiancée. Though, Jackie's gone mad after the incident that killed all his man, his fiancée stay loyal and in love with him. Proved that true love still exists. And there is also one scene where his fiancée cut all the wires in the bomb attached to her body so that Jackie won't die with her in that freak incidents. Message to Jackie's fiancée: "Next time, don't cut the wires. It will hurt us (male species) more to watched our love ones die."

3. Your kindness from your past will help you when you least expected. In this case, Nicholas Tse helps Jackie's to recuperate himself. I think without Nicholas help, Jackie will die from a lot of alcohol intakes and broken hearted.

4. Daniel Wu's too cute to become a villain.

You all should watch the movie.

Back to the Malaysian Idol's finale result show. Except from Syima performing that night, the miracles didn't happened. Thank God.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I’m not sure whether the things that I’ve read yesterday (in old MASSA Magazine) already happened or not but it surely caught my attention. Damn. Now I can’t even have a minute of peace without thinking about it. Maybe after I write it down somewhere, I’m gonna be OK. I hope so.

There’s somebody out there who’s crazy enough to put Hitler’s dick on auction. He said, he’s willing to let an expert to do a DNA test on that thing. But still, I wonder who’s gonna buy that thing anyway. To make it worse, the author of that faithful article also mentioned the size of that thing. Dude, I think that some things better left unsaid.

This guy need to learns about censorship.


It’s a crazy world we are living today.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Misadventure Of MJ

Today I’ll talk about Spiderman 2. There are a lot of spoilers ahead, but I guess you all had already watched the movie. Read ahead then.

I bought the DVD one month ago but only manage to watch the ever said movie yesterday’s night. Not because of no free time or something like that, it’s just that I don’t feels like watching it. Yet. Okay, the movie started by showing the impacts for having a super power. It sure does affect Peter Parker’s (Peter Parker is the one in the stupid spidey outfit) studies and life, and yes, his love life with ever-sleepy MJ is also included in the picture. His relationship with Aunt May becomes a little bit rocky after she knew the whole stories about Uncle Ben’s incident. And yes, Peter Parker’s the one who revealed the secrets.

Where he’s not in the library (Uncle Ben’s send him to the ‘library’ that day, poor Uncle Ben) when he supposed to be there.

Where he gambling for a sole reason of getting a money, to buy a car that he think will surely impress the ever sleepy MJ. Wake up man. Chicks like MJ don’t dig money. If she’s like that, she’ll choose Harry Osborn in no time. He got good looks and a lot of money to accompanied that.

Where he let the thieves go, thus in the end kills his Uncle Ben. (Consequence, for every action there is an opposite reaction)

Love is weird huh. It makes us do the unthinkable. Because of love, Harry hates Peter Parker. I don’t blame him; to him Peter Parker has taken away his father and his chick. MJ that is. In this movies, MJ has already establish herself as successful actress and already had a fiancée, and yes, you are right, she left that man during her wedding day. To make it worse, she did that while this guy already stepped on the altar. Pity that guy.

It’s just that the whole nation wants MJ to ends up with someone like Peter Parker, me excluded.

The villain is Dr Octopus. Cool villain. Brainy yet powerful. I love this guy; his love for his wife, Rosie is unconditional. Before the miscalculation (in his formula) that makes him to become who he was, the movie shows us a lot of his human site. Yes, he’s powerful, even the mighty spidey can’t kill him, weird huh.

But, don’t stress yourself; of course the villain dies in the end. After one session with a shrink (Spiderman that is), this guy agreed to help spidey and thus killed himself. Somehow, he can’t picture himself with those extra hands anymore. It amazed me until now, me, hoping and longing for more fight scenes.

In the end, Harry Osborn found his father’s hideout (Harry Osborn father’s the villain in Spiderman) and Peter Parker’s real identity. So are MJ’s and the whole moving train.

Below is the only conversation I had with my wife during the movie.

Wife: Look at her breasts.
Me: Huh!
Wife: MJ’s breasts, kinda sagging heh!

Interesting huh. I rest my case.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The eye wouldn't lie

My wife found this blog yesterday. Yayy to that. Hehe.

Wife dearie, I love you.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Jac and Dina made it through to Malaysian Idol’s final. Good for them. But, what’s with Dina singing Seksis (original singer: Anita Sarawak). You can’t show your true capabilities by singing that song. That’s a bad choice of song, if you ask me.

One word to describe my feelings when you sang that song: Karaoke.

Surprisingly, Vick picked the right song this time around. Maybe the luck is not with you this time bro. Both you and Dina proved to be inconsistent throughout this competition; thus, I’m quite okay with the idea of having any one of you in the finals.

By the way, I still think the best person to challenge Jac is Nikki.

Nikki, my wife’s missing you.

Friday, October 01, 2004

My Regrets

Everybody does have regrets in their life. Me too!!!

1. Neglecting my best friends for my then girlfriend (now my ex). Iza, Aida and Kamarul, I’m really sorry. You know what, until today I still think about you guys and cherish every moments we had together. I really wish that I can turn back the time.
2. Keeping my hair’s long. I really had a very long hair back then when I’m still studying in MU. I only trimmed it once in the while. Only manage to cut it all days before my graduation day. Heyyy, I really need to look good on that day. Don’t get me wrong, I love having long hair (mine, Dave Grohl’s hair during his days in Nirvana), but it has deprived me to too many opportunities. The job opportunities that is.
3. Didn’t attend the MOD pilot’s interview. I want to be a Test Pilot (okay, maybe a lawyer or an IGP). You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that by being the test pilot for MOD, the greater your chance it is to be Malaysia’s first Astronaut. But, my mom didn’t like the idea of me venturing that industry, afraid that I’ll end up killing myself. Thus, I didn’t go for the said interview. There goes my chance on becoming Malaysian first astronaut. Anyway mom (if you read this post), I love you.
4. Turned down MU’s offer. MU offers me to do Master's Program in UK. And me, for various reasons, from financial to personal foolishly turn it down. The reason was, I've started working and had a few other commitments. Besides that, I also think that I am suck at lecturing. The thing is if I accepted the offer, I need to serve MU for 4 fat years once I finished up my studies. Thinking back, I think it's not that bad. Not bad at all.
5. Stop doing my Master's program. I take Master classes in MU for two full semesters as part time student. Meaning, I need to rush from work four days a week for 6 to 9 classes. Hmmm, it’s kinda okay in the beginning. But after sometime, I found it’s hard for me to attend the classes. My work at that time needs me to be in the office until 10. In the end, I pulled the plug and decided to concentrate more on my career. Sometimes, I think I should have taken leave without pay option at that time.

But, somehow, I think I need all those. The regrets I mean.

It made me to become the better and stronger person that I am today. Without all those, maybe I’ll become one arrogant sonofabitch. God forbid.