Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005 – A Journey To Remember

1. I’ve met and work with Chris in one project. He is the most brilliant man I’ve ever known. He reminds me of Charlie Croker, a character played by Mark Wahlberg in ‘Italian Job’.
2. For a few years now, we celebrated my wife’s 23rd birthday. It was a fun occasion.
3. Go to Penang if you want to put on weight. You wouldn't be dissapointed.
4. My best friend, Aida, married to her prince charming. It’s a marriage made from heaven.
5. Went to Kuching with my wife. We bought ourselves world’s longest mat.
6. Firdaus (my son) was born two months earlier from his due date. He’s being held in the hospital for almost two weeks for lung’s infection and jaundice. His mother managed to know all the patients in the ward. His father, on another hand managed to know all the nurses.
7. Since the hospital is ‘father friendly’, I managed to be in the labor room to hold her hand through out the process.
8. I lost my father. He’s the most selfless man I’ve known and I miss him so much.
9. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name is Amirul.
10. Firdaus voted as world’s greatest.
11. I went to Dubai for five days. I learned that their desert safari’s trip includes belly dancing as part of their program. Make promise to the wife to bring her on the next trip. Peak of my trip; I rode camels a thousand times.
12. Somebody broke in my house. Among other things, he took away my cameras and laptop. Though I made a habit of backing up all my works into the pen drive, it won’t save me from losing all my works this time. The pen drive was in the laptop’s bag. Luckily he only took with him my digital cameras and left the film camera behind.
13. My wife also lost all her gold jewelries to the same thief. Unfortunately, ‘pearl’ was her theme on that day. She wore her pearl’s set to work and left all her gold behind.
14. My mother got herself a driving license and then bought a car. I will never think this is possible this time last year; she always is the one who will scream on top of her lung whenever there are passing vehicles approaching our car. Mak, I’m so proud of you.
15. After 28 years occupying the house, my mother moved out from my late father’s quarters. It was an emotional day for us.
16. My wife slept while driving to work. Luckily she’s a good driver and nothing bad had happened to her. It was an emotional day for her.

Fuhh, what a year.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Not That Beautiful

Out of curiosity, yesterday and for the past couple of weeks I watched Malaysia’s Most Beautiful.

In search of true beauty, 8TV recently launched this new reality program. Out of 1000 women that went for the audition, 15 beauties were chosen to vie for the title. They were selected by panel of judges comprising photographer Tate Ghazi, former Miss Malaysia Yasmin Yusoff and R&B queen Sheila Majid. Throughout the competition, the contestants are required to undergo tests related to their inner and outer beauty, both on the professional and social level.

After watching these 3 episodes, I think the judges have made a wrong decision. These beauties didn’t do justice for Malaysian women. Other than their good looks, they are far from beautiful. There’s too many cat fights, lying and backstabbing. If the looks, intelligence, personality and confidence are being used as the main criteria for the selection, they only excel in the looks department. How about the next three criteria? I personally think that it’s more important than the first one.

The scariest thing is, being showed in Malaysia, I knew* Jessy will be crowned the first Malaysia’s Most Beautiful.

* As the winner will be decided by the public via SMS in the final episode.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank you so much for picking these as your favorites in my flickr account.

Sunset in DubaiNight shotTaking a bathTaken while he was sleeping
Raya's pictureSwimming PoolMerdeka!Camel in Dubai
My everythingSwimming PoolBaby in B&WMother and son - Sleeping

I owed you one. You guys rock.

Mother and son - Sleeping
Originally uploaded by faizall.
I’m such a fortunate man. I couldn’t ask for more.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On TV last Sunday, one motivator (Elly’s* brother in law) said that if we want to succeed, we need to have a living idol. As much as possible try to get an idol that’s currently have the same occupation that we wanted to be. Example, if we want to be a great striker, then our idol must be Thierry Henry or Ibrahimovic** and not Shalin Zulkifli or Sapok Biki***. He also suggested that we paste/hang our idol’s picture on the wall. According to him, we will be more motivated this way.

Okay. I hate to say this but I agreed with him.

I once pasted Sofea Jane’s (local actress) picture on my wall. Under that picture, I wrote ‘If you want to marry her, then stop playing and start preparing for the exam’.

Thanks to Sofea, I can say that I did quite well on that year’s examination.

* Elly’s Mencari Cinta
** Who I’d say is probably the best striker who isn’t a Brazilian or King Henry.
*** The former is a local bowler. The latter is(was?) a boxer. Both have my respect.
With my updates almost to nothingness, it’s touching to see that I’m still getting the same amount of visitors each month. With that, I promise that I will not let this site go under.