Monday, November 29, 2004

Pity me, after joining the project team (now, I share the same building with the trainees). Every times I went to the toilet, there’s bunch of stewards wannabe, who’s vain enough to put lip-gloss on their lip in front of everyone else, with the proud expression in their face.

The way they done it, that scares me to hell. If I’m not aware that I’m in the Gents I’m sure thought they are ladies putting lipstick to their lip.


Lip-gloss, men and public are not a very nice combination, I shall say.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sometimes, funny* thing do happens in Alamanda (new shopping complex in Putrajaya).

Trolley is not allowed inside their Pizza Hut outlet. Late yesterday afternoon, one young lady left her trolley outside as instructed. There’s a lot of trolley outside the restaurant at that time. After she settled nicely in one of the table inside the restaurant, the waiter start taking her order.

Then she remembered** something. She left her kid in the trolley.

The kid didn’t cry at all. He slept.

* Depends on how we look at things
** To be exact, she saw something

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

People should get a full loan if they are studying local. Or better still, a scholarship.

Not a lousy RM 3000 PTPTN loan for a full three years of doing Pharmacist in UiTM. It’s ridiculous. How you can survive with that amount of money these days?

I wonder.

And, she only manages to get that amount after failing to do so in her first and second interviews attempt.

Come on.

To add to that insult, she’s taking Pharmacist, something that needed most in this country. She’s not taking Aeronautical Engineering or courses that wouldn’t be any good to this country. I’ve known a man who did a door design for Boeing for his final year thesis and yet work as an IR executive. And he gets the scholarship for this and happily did his Degree in US. It cost the government more than half a million.

We don’t need a rocket scientist to do that kind of work. We need a good lawyer to do that.

Correct me if I’m wrong. PTPTN come in package with 10 percent interest rate. And then, why can you give her more than RM 3000?

Not enough money. Bullshit.

Okay, she did come from a quite well to do family. I’m sure her father can support her. But it’s her father who’s rich, not her. What happened if one day there’s a rage between both of them?

It sure will affect her studies.

Can’t you think of that Mister?

Maybe you can, if you're not busy playing golf with your director.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Reading reviews about The Incredibles makes me wanna write about the serious stuff below.

Everyone loves superheroes. Everyone wants to be one. No doubt about that. Even the mighty Hulk Hogan (again, I'm being sarcastic here) wants to be one, one point of his life. Tell me of one person who reached his or her puberty without seeing an episode of Superman and want to be him and lucky enough to have his super powers. I’m sure you want one of his super powers (or, maybe all if you’re greedy like me). His super powers are too good to be true.

1) His x-ray visions
2) The same eyes also can produced a small scale laser effects (how cool is that?)
3) His ability to fly and run like nobody's business
4) His bullets-proof body
5) His strength and power
6) His ability to stay calm and cool while wearing those stupid outfit
7) His Lois Lane

He kicked ass all right.

And then, we also got Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine (cool!) and Wonder Woman. They all kicked ass (not kicking ass per se, but, stopping bad guys that is) and we love to be like them.

Which bring me back to the question above. Who don’t want to be a superhero?

Any taker?

Thursday, November 18, 2004

It’s been jammed all the way from Alor Gajah to Seremban on late Tuesday afternoon. Makes me wanna turn over and take fake mc’s from rural clinic. I hate jam.

The idea that I’m in the highway makes me hate jam even more.

We should at least drive 100 km/hours in the highways. Not a lousy 60 km/hours.

That, if we are lucky.

And yes, I’m not that lucky on that day. It’s hardly reached 20 km/hours for the most part of that said route.

I don’t think there should be a speed limitation in the highways. It’s quite taxing to maintained in the speed limit range while driving. Blame it all to the technologies being installed in nowadays cars. Just one slight push to the accelerator, and off speed limit we went.

I blame it all to technologies.

Typical me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Starting next week and for the next six months or so, I’m off to another department to be in their Project team. Being in this kind of team do take a lot of my time. I knew this fact clearly.

My premonition said so.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the privileges and chances to religiously post entries or even roam the cyber world like I had now.

It’s hiatus then for this blog. As much as I don’t like others to say those phrases, I hate myself for saying it.

Guys, be good huh.

But, we never know. Maybe it's one of the projects that wouldn't take a lot of my time. The one that is stress-free. The one, which is fun. The one with a lot of duty travels in it. Then, maybe, maybe I'll have more free times then what I had now. Pray for it, will you?


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Met Sharifah Eja (the actress) in Mid Valley Megamall last Monday. The moment my wife saw her she insisted to talk to her, to shake her hand, to see her, face to face. Eja’s such a down to earth kinda person. Very courteous. Very humble.

My wife gets tongue-tied the whole session with Eja. When asked by me why she’s been acting like that (my wife’s quite outspoken in person), she said that she’s been mesmerized by Eja’s beauty.

“Now, I don’t think I want to wash my hand.”
“I just shook Eja’s hand.”

My wife doesn’t want to wash her hand, that’s new.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My open letter to Mr Jackson Yogarajah, the genius behind “32 Reasons why Kak Pah was not faking it” article.

Dear Mr Jackson,

My name is Faizall, a writer over at go with the flow, I wanted to commend you on the great article produced by The Malay Mail (Tuesday, October 19,2004) named "32 Reasons why Kak Pah was not faking it". I’m thoroughly enjoyed reading it. To me, you’re damn good.

You said that you saw her on TV3 news report and by that alone, you are 100 per cent sure that she was telling the truth. Wow, that’s cool Mister. Common folks like myself couldn’t do that. That’s maybe the reason I’ve been duped before, and I’m sure I’m gonna be dupe again in the near future. Maybe I should buy your book “Understanding Body Language”, the one you intend to publish at the end of this year. It will surely help me understand people better, and then maybe I can be as genius as you.

I salute you Mister, you are one brave man. I respect your willingness to put your career on the line for this. Wow, even a politician wouldn’t put their career on the line for Kak Pah. You are one of the kinds Mister. But, maybe I’m wrong on this. People will do anything for a Diva. Kak Pah is simply a Diva, in her own way.

You also said that you as body language specialist, you’ve been able to detect deception at a glance. And you learn all this just by following the writings of the ‘Oxford University social psychological group on non verbal communications’, which comprised retired professors. Never thought we can be a specialist just by reading materials written. To this day, I though we need to get a Doctorate or maybe a Master degree to become an expert.

Now I think I should read the writings. It’s great stuffs. Where can I get it Mister? I would also love to have the privilege to trains professionals and government bodies such as the police, Immigration and Customs personnel on lie-detecting techniques just like you. I bet, they paid a great sum of money for that.

You’ve already conducted 300 seminars? Wow, I’m sorry I didn’t know it earlier, for I’m sure I’m gonna be the first person to register. I want to learn from the best, and you’re the best Mister. You’re able to detect deception just by that, that’s genius.

So that's about it Mister. Do drop me an email sometime at , but I’m sure you have better things to do with your life than to write a stupid letter to me. You must be busy now. I bet, people will love and be more eager to attend your seminars or buy your book now. No matter how busy your life Mister, remember to relax once in the while. Have a nice Deepavali Mister.

Yours truly,

*In case you fail to realize, this letter thing is completely and utterly sarcastic.

Friday, November 05, 2004

My sister’s also an avid viewer of Troy the movie.

Me: What’s with Achilles heels actually?
Nad (my sister): Hmmm.
Me: He look like someone who can stand for anything. To me, he’s immortal alright. Yet, Paris is the one who killed him, with a shot of an arrow right to his heel. Paris, of all the people. I can sleep more peacefully knowing that Eudorus or Hector who did that job. Paris. Arggghh.
Nad: Hehe. Did you know why this happened?
Me: No.
Nad: When Achilles’ young, his mother bathe him in immortality pool.
Me: He supposed to be immortal then.
Nad: This is the best part, his mother bathe him head first. She holds his leg and dipped him to the pool.
Me: That’s explained everything.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush won his second term, and Americans get what they deserve.

Despite his approach to Iraq and joblessness. Despite his continuous lying style, about serving time in the military and went to war. Despite he did nothing but tear down America in his four years in the office. Despite becoming a President in year 2000 though losing the polls (that's democracy alright). Despite blaming everyone for his mistakes. Despite getting a C in college.

Despite all that, Americans still choose him. Good luck to you all.

Heck, Kerry is not even the best candidate to fight Bush. If given a choice, I’ll vote for myself.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I’m a 7 years old Wira and this was my story

I’m a second hand car. I’m beautiful. Shoo. Laugh if you like, to my owner I’m damn pretty. On Jan 2001, my current owner bought me from second hand dealer. He loves me. He even declares to the whole world that between me and any new models, he will pick me anytime. To him, my only foe is old Mercedes Benz. To him, new cars can’t compete with me. He loves to spend his hard earned money for me. When I’m sick he’ll take a day off and brought me to see doctor. In my case, the doctor is the mechanics in our neighborhood. My owner really took good care of me. I’m honored to serve him. Really.

We experienced a lot of things together. I start to love him. And to him, the high maintenance in me has made him appreciate me more.

Last Friday, he brought me to one place that’s very alien to me. The people there then did a test-drive to me. Learned that my owner want to ditch me for a new model. What a way to celebrate this year Eid ul-Fitr. Bravo to my owner who has gut to ditch me at this time of the year. You should wait until Eid’s over, you fool.

He said that I’m starting to act weird and proven to be very high in maintenance. What utter crap is that?

Okay, I didn’t stop there. He should learn his lesson. So, this week alone I overheat my heart engine, in too many occasion. Yesterday, I puncture one of the tires. Serve him right. Nobody knows yet what I intend to do to myself today. I need to do something big, for I only have until this Friday to do so. He’ll get my replacement on that day. Don’t ever mess with me bro. I’m a bitch.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

One of my colleague is leaving for London on business trip tonight. I bet, she will speak in her LONDON slang (like one of the character in last year popular Raya ads, where's Yasmin Ahmad is the genius behind it) when she comes back five days later. Haha.

Aida, lucky you.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Watched Troy over and over again last weekend. Damn, that movie's hot. Yeah, okay, I know the fact that everybody has already stop talking about how great the movie was, and here I am, talking about it. I blame it all on 'Something's Gotta Give'. The movie where there is one nude scene of Diane Keaton in it. Goodness. I bought that movie the first time I'm in the shop. It was a tough decision at that time, to choose between Brad Pitt in skirt or Jack Nicholson, the old playboy.

I'm sure by now, everybody has already watched the movie and knew the plot from A to Z. So, I wouldn't even dare to touch it.

The title for this post is 'The cool characters in Troy the movie'. Yayy.

1. Prince Hector (Prince of Troy). He's cool and smart. Great son, the best brother and a very good husband. Being mocked by Achilles as 'the fool who though he'd killed Achilles'. He takes full responsibility for his mistake (of killing Achilles cousin, a boy, Achilles look alike), thus, killing himself in the hand of mighty Achilles. Great fight scene that was. And Eric Bana as Prince Hector, I couldn't ask for more. This guy got charismatic face.

2. Achilles. A great warrior with no flag. Didn't have to take order for any King. He even wants to sails back to Greece and not joining the war. But, his cousin's death made him more determine to destroy Troy. One sentence, Troy will not fall if Achilles sailed back to Greece that day.

3. Eudorus (Achilles' first in command). He's loyal. Very loyal. He will follows any Achilles orders and accepts anything. As long as it all came from Achilles, even the worst treatments are okay with him. He and other Myrmidons will die for Achilles, and not for the King. It's not easy to find this kind of character these days.

No Prince Paris (played by Orlando Bloom, a playboy who love to seduced other men’s wife) for me. To me, other men’s wife is off limit. There's a lot of fish in the sea, why want other's? To me, he and Queen Helen started the great war of the centuries.


Boy: Are the stories about you true? They say your mother is an immortal goddess. They say you can't be killed.
Achilles: I wouldn't be bothering with the shield then, would I?
Boy: The Thessalonian you're fighting, he's the biggest man I've ever seen. I wouldn't want to fight him.
Achilles: That's why no one will remember your name.